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Wisconsin Trivia Contest

Wisconsin Trivia
Wisconsin was admitted statehood in 1848 as the ____ state:
Dan Brandenstein was among the first 35 astronauts chosen for the NASA space shuttle program from a total of 8,500 people who applied. What Wisconsin city is Dan from?
Sun Prairie's Corn Festival is one of the largest of its kind in the:
What year was Chief Oshkosh born?
What is the largest Sturgeon ever tagged on the Wolf River?
What county is home to the largest cattail marsh in the U.S.?
Where was the first high school in Wisconsin built?
What city in Wisconsin has been branded the "Geocaching Capital of the Midwest"?
The “World’s Largest Brat Fest” is held in:
Which famous magician grew up in Appleton, Wisconsin?
Celerity has how many Five-Star Google reviews?